About Us

About Us

About Us

Our Story

In the March of 1994, two brothers, Praful Gala and Jayesh Gala borrowed a modest amount of money to set up a business in the central suburbs of Mumbai. With all their savings and the borrowed money, they opened a retail store in Bhandup and named it Shreemati. The retail store sold a wide range of products from cosmetics to imitation jewelry. While there was a growing demand for mehandi cones, the handful of manufacturers would supply their products only to a few retail outlets. After numerous failed attempts to convince the manufacturers, but determined to sell mehendi, they decided to manufacture their own mehendi cones.
With the ardent support of a loving family who were ready to put in time and efforts to learn and master the art of mehendi making, Shreemati started developing their own mehendi cones. That was the beginning of Shreemati mehendi brand. The mehendi cones were made as and when the customers arrived, akin to fresh coconut water. Year on year, as our expertise grew, we have improved our formulations, diversified and started manufacturing hair henna too which was an instant hit.

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Rebranding to Cias Shreemati

As our brand started becoming prominent, many other manufacturers started using Shreemati or similar names to sell their own products. Currently there are 4-5 different manufacturers who claim to sell authentic Shreemati products. In order to stand out from the crowd and make it easier for our valuable customers to distinguish between authentic and fake products, the Shreemati Corp. underwent rebranding. In 2019, the brand name was changed to Cias Shreemati and the logo was completely redesigned. Cias Shreemati is a registered name owned by Shreemati Corp.
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Our Facility

In the 25 years that we have been in business, we have sold over a 100 million cones but haven’t recorded a single case of any side effects or infections. We maintain high safety and hygiene standards to make sure our products are free from germs or impurities. Our sophisticated mixing and filling machine ensure that the product is not touched by any hands but yours.
We here at Shreemati, celebrate woman empowerment. We are proud to profess that 100% of our operations are handled by women. Our skilled operators work at lightning fast speed, which enables us to deliver fresh and consistent mehendi cones. More than 97% of our cones, reach our customers within 1st week of manufacturing. And most importantly all of our mehendi cones are processed and made with one vision – celebration. We truly believe that is what we want to be, an integral part of your special days. 


Professional Products

Our services and products stretch far beyond consumer products. For the professional artists who prefer to make their own mehendi cones, we fulfill their mehendi and Oil requirements too.
Hundreds of professional artists from around the country and different parts of the world rely on our premium mehendi and oils for their mehendi.

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