How can I track my order?
Once your order is confirmed we will process it for dispatch and send you a tracking link.

In how many day will I get my order?
For Maharashtra and Gujarat, 2 – 3 working days. For any other locations in India 6-10 working days.

What should I do if I receive an incorrect or faulty item?
In case an incorrect item gets delivered, kindly contact us and let us know about the following details.
● Your name
● Your order number
● Product name
● Picture of the fault / incorrect item

How long does it take for me to get a refund?
The refund will be initiated within 2 days after we have received the shipment back.

Can I place the order through cash on delivery?
Currently, we are accepting order only through online payment mode.

Do you offer products for resale purposes?
Kindly contact us to know more.

Do you take international orders?
Yes, we do. Please message us your requirement along with your contact details and someone from our team will get in
touch with you

What is the weight of one shreemati cone?
A single mehendi cone weighs 40 grams.

Does this Mehendi have any side effects? How safe is it?
Our mehendi cones are made from natural ingredients. They
are safe even for kids. In case of hyper-sensitive skin or any
allergy to clove, eucalyptus oils, we recommend a patch test.

How long does it take for mehendi to dry on the skin?
Mehendi usually takes about 30 minutes to dry on your skin.
However, we recommend to not scrape it off for as long as you
can. Ideally 2-4 hours.

How long does the stain last?
The stain lasts for2-3 weeks depending on the after care.

Best time to apply Mehendi before an event?
The peak color of henna is attained between 36-48 hours after
the application. So, if your wedding or event is on Sunday, you
should apply mehendi Friday morning or evening.

How long does a mehendi cone last? How to store?
Shreemati mehendi cones typically last up to 3 months from
the time you buy them if stored carefully. You should store a
new or used cone in the freezer (not fridge).

Is Henna safe for kids?
Yes, it is completely safe for kids.

How long should I soak Henna powder?
For at least 10-12 hours before application.

Is Henna harmful for hair?
Henna coats the hair from outside without interfering with the proteins and moisture locked inside the hair cuticle, unlike hair colors. Infact, henna provides conditioning and shine. It strengthens your hair and even facilitates a healthy scalp.

Will this henna cause drying of hair?
Henna takes away excess oil from your scalp. Always cover your head with a shower cap or plastic after the application of Henna. If your hair is on the drier side you can add a few drops of hair oil to the paste to retain moisture.

What color does Hair Henna impart to your hair?
The kind of hair color imparted by Henna varies from person to person depending on their natural hair color and texture. Generally, for white/ grey strands, it imparts dark red color. Dark brownish or black hair tends to get a tint of burgundy.

Does Henna work like synthetic hair color?
No, Henna only colors the hair strands from the outside. Hair colors use bleaching agents to remove the original pigment of the hair and penetrate the cortex of the hair to change its color.

Can I use Mehendi over colored hair?
Henna will only coat your hair from Outside. If you have synthetically colored your hair or highlighted it before the application of henna, the hair color will still show under the Henna. The color of the highlighted portion will become slightly

Can I use hair colors after using Henna on my hair?
No! Using hair color over henna hair can give you very unpredictable outcomes. The chemicals in the hair color change the natural composition of  Henna, hence it is not recommendable.

Does Henna cause hair fall?
Henna naturally makes your hair stronger and thicker.

Can I use Henna for conditioning?
Yes, Henna is known to restore shine and condition your hair. If you are applying Henna only for conditioning and do not desire color, you should wash off your hair within 30 minutes of application.

How long should I keep the Henna paste on my scalp?
The amount of time you keep Henna paste on hair varies according to your end goals.
90 minutes if you wish to color your hair.
30 minutes for only conditioning.

How long does the color last?
Henna color on hair lasts up to 6 weeks before it fades away naturally.

How to wash off Henna after it dries?
The first Henna wash should be without any soap or shampoo. Just rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water to remove the Henna paste. You can apply some oil after the wash to avoid excess drying.

What is the difference between Shreemati’s powder hair henna and liquid Henna?
Both our Mehendi have the exact same formulation. The only difference is that the liquid mehendi is ready to use while you will have to soak the dry mehendi for at least 10 hours before the application.

Do I have to mix boiled tea water or any other ingredients in the hair henna mixture?
Only using the hair henna will give you the desired results.
However, you can add tea or coffee mixture if you desire.

Are these stencils reusable?
No, these are one-time use stencils.

How many stencils are there in a pack?
Each pack contains only one set of stencils. (For one side of one hand/ leg).

Is Mehendi cone included along with the stencil?
No, you have to buy the cones separately.

How many cones should I buy per stencil?
One cone can be used with about 4 stencils.

Can these be used on legs too?
Most of our stencil designs can be used on any body part.

When will you be getting fresh crop?
Every year, new crop is harvested in November. So new crop is available post November.

When should I add oil in the mehendi powder mix?
10-15 minutes before you start filling cones.

What is your mehendi powder and mehendi oil mixing ratio to make cones?
The thumb rule is to add 30ml Mehendi mix oil to 100 gm henna powder. (or same ratio)

How long does the powder and oil stay good?
Mehendi powder and Oils do not expire up to 2 years from the date of mfg.

How long should I soak the mehendi powder?
For a normal crop, soak it for about 24 hours. If it’s a new crop ( November – February) soak it for 40-48 hours.

How to reduce the stringiness of new crop powder?
Add about 20% of old crop powder to it. Soak it for 40-48 hours.

What are the ingredients in the Mehendi mix Oil?
The active ingredients in mehendi mix oil are Eucalyptus essential Oil and Clove Essential Oil.

How to use the Shreemati after care balm?
-Right after scrapping off dry mehendi from hands and legs.
-Daily every 4-5 hours specially before or after any washing activity.

How frequently do I have to apply the balm?
Every day every 4-5 hours.

How long does the Aftercare balm go without getting expired?
2 years

Can I use the acrylic boards on both sides?

How to clean the acrylic boards?
Wipe off the design immediately after use with a wet cloth. If the stains persist, clean it with acetone.

Which Mehendi should I use for practice on the boards?
Use Mehendi paste without oil on practice acrylic boards.

What is the difference between cellophane and polyester sheets?
Cellophane sheets are ideal for artists. They are more comfortable to use. Polyster sheets are ideal for cones meant for reselling. Cones have better shelf life in this plastic.

Are these sheets transparent or printed?
The sheets are transparent